Shimano Ultegra R8020 Hydraulic Groupset. I’m thinking this is wear on those rear gears. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Cela comprend, pour un groupe de transmission complet : les dérailleurs avant et arrière, les étriers de frein avant et arrière, le pédalier, la cassette, les leviers de freins, le boîtier de pédalier et la chaîne. A final point is that it is well known that last year’s Ultegra is effectively this year’s 105, so a two year old bike with Ultegra is likely to be equal, perhaps inferior to the current model 105. And then the next generation of Dura-Ace and Ultegra came out (i.e. I think I prefer the proportions of the crankset. Similarly, electronic shifting (Di2) first appears in 2009 (7970), then two years later in Ultegra (6770, but with 10 speed only), and still has yet to appear in the 105 (presumably with the 5870 or 5970). I have a solution for you: I madez a YouTube on the subject. In short, an Ultegra chain will shift better than a 105 chain. Permalink ... les prix à l'unité ou par groupe devant être peu différents ! Of the the articles on the web, this one answered my question best about whether or not I’d made a mistake by purchasing a new Cannondale Synapse with 105 after 24 years of riding two bikes that had, in succession, a 1993 model bike with Shimano 600 (which I believe became Ultegra the next year) and just plain Ultra on my 2004 model bike. ©2021 Beginner Triathlete. The shifting is so precise you don’t need Di2 and that was a bonus. Canyon, Cannondale and Specialized upgrade other components as you move up the range (wheels, for instance). No sign of a R7050. I am very happy to be corrected, but from my understanding of Shimano, and what I have seen posted here, this year’s Ultegra are next year’s 105 – so the 2017 105 should equal (or exceed?) If you click on an Affiliate Link and then buy something, I get a small commission. Ultegra offers better brake pads, better component quality. Subscribe below and I will send you enjoyable and helpful cyclo-info straight to your inbox. Whether that’s important, one must judge for oneself. There’s really nothing in it. 105 (la référence. Seems the cost for the Ultegra set is within 20% of getting 105s. But the shifting was better but I was disappointed with the wheels shimano still do cones and cups for wheel bearings, and the cassette freewheel had lots of play . If you want to go faster get a bigger engine (legs). L’énorme avantage va être de retrouver une large plage de … Any opinions? So I recently picked up a 1991 Cannondale SR800 that is wearing 105 (1055). These are links to online stores such as Amazon, Wiggle and Chain Reaction. Way more noticeable than when I upgraded the front derailleur from 105 to Ultegra (I’ve now gone back to 105-only on the Domane). On the inside, Ultegra’s lighter, harder internals and higher quality bushings and springs account for lighter shift action and better brake modulation. I appreciate your comments . Side by side, the Ultegra materials look more premium. Make sure the upgraded bike has the full Ultegra group – crankset, bottom bracket, chain, brakes, shifters, cassette. I have a Scott Speedster FL20 with 105 for 2 years and already run through 2 chains and continue to have chain slipping when running the front smaller gear and on the 12, 13, 14 on the rear cassette. Then as things start to wear out upgrade. But also, friend, it doesn’t matter. I am not certain if I should spend the money now for the upgraded bike. And I am comparing 105 5700 with Ultegra the Ultegra 6800. My guess is that your chain is too long, and/or you have a bent hanger or derailleur. Shes also comparing two different model bicycles (an endurance carbon bike from Cannondale with a women’s specific endurance carbon bike from Trek). The bike online for $1100.00 includes shipping and any fees. It came with a full Shimano 105 groupset (5700 – model range number fans). Healthy disclaimer though – the prices seem a bit all over the place. The frame geometry, design, and sizing/fit is going to matter more than the components (which is not that much weight and mostly the finish), the only exception is that if the Cannondale Synapse happens to be a disc brake version (in 2015, Canondale made both in the Synapse line). Pour l'instant la partie commune à l'Ultegra di2 et au Dura Ace di2 coûte dans les 500 euros. By way of example, the Cannondale Synapse (non-carbon) 105 costs £1,300. groupsets. Mais qu’en est-il à long terme ? No, it will. The cassette started as a Deore XT 11-36. This was all quite straightforward (okay somewhat straightforward), until Shimano started adding an ‘R’ at the beginning of some of them, and I got a bit befuddled. Or nicer road bike. The better you are and the more you ride the more you would appreciate the upgraded bike. In other words, when a 105 component wears out on your bike, should you take opportunity to upgrade to Ultegra? Its new Hollowtech crankarms and Hollowglide outer chainring are actually hollow structures that facilitate some of the crispest front shifting in the industry. 105 stayed firmly mechanical. Ce type de groupe réduit permet de con… There has to be a limit to rear wheel spacing and a limit to the number of gears that are useful. I did read that about the span being more than an actual year. That I am still asking these questions at age 66, and still riding at least 2K miles a year while working full time tells you how great a sport biking is!! Since you're here, Monty would also like you to check out. You should check that the rear wheel can be used with both 10s and 11s – this will only come into play if you decide to change later from 10s to 11s. So true about what you wrote, seems the Ultegra make a difference for racing and for “looks” to be in the elite crowd. Seriously, how practical is that? And it lets one run a larger range cassette. It’s considered a “new road” bike, both the 105 and Ultegra versions have hydraulic disc brakes (yay) the one in 105 comes in a puke green, while the Ultegra comes in a muted grey. The higher quality the internals, the more precise and longer lasting the mechanism. The key thing is to enjoy what your bike and to make it comfortable for you. (*By Kraftwerk, if there’s any justice in the world). I purchased a used set of Dura-Ace and have well over 10,000 miles on them now. Before changing anything I would look for the real problem. Aluminum would have snapped long ago, with any flexing at all. Posted 7 years ago If the upgraded bike is 11s and the online one 10s there is a slight value to the LBS bike. I just did this on my Domane – new cables, cassette, chain, brake pads and chain rings – recorded in this series of YouTube videos – and the improvement has been amazing. Unhelpfully, Shimano released products for, say, 2018, in mid-2017, so there might be the odd inaccuracy. En tant qu'élément pour les vélos de route, un fonctionnement sans contraintes est l'une des propriétés les plus importantes pour allier freinage, changement de vitesse et pilotage confortable pendant toute la journée. I am hoping to increase both miles and how many times per week, possibly to join a riding group as well. The answer is Ultegra. For Road bikes with STI shift/brake levers, there will be differences between the two groups. Le pédalier Shimano FC-5800 délaisse l’architecture à cinq branches pour celle à quatre branches héritées des groupes Ultegra et Dura-Ace, plus légère et plus rigide. One of the biggest improvements with the Ultegra group lies within the crankset. L'ultégra n'a vraiment pas grand chose de plus qu'un 105 si ce n'est "l'effet" gamme supérieure . They both mix value and quality in a package that is highly respected by most cyclists. I suggest you go to a different bike shop, tell them you are just shopping but not ready to buy and you want to try size 54 and 52 bikes to see which is more comfortable. how stupid is that? I am trying to choose between a 2015 Cannodale CAAD 10 105 for $1100 or a Cannondale CAAD 10 with Ultegra for $1750. If you think 70g weight difference in shifters the pair (5800-6800) is going to make you faster than me good. Yo! upgrading from shimano 105 to ultegra? You get some idea of the relative costs though. The consensus amongst the online cyclo-rati is that there’s not much in it. They take very little effort to stop, yet they don’t catch bad enough to throw you over the bars. Also I recently came across a used set of Zipp 404s which I bought. Shoot me down if you like, but I’m erring towards the 105 in terms of looks. My other wheelsets use proper cartridge bearings all round and never need adjustment, so for my next project (another titanium frame) I will buy up a new just taken off a bike 105 groupset and try and find some good used wheels. talk of slightly crisper shifting, smoother shifting, faster, easier shifting or difference in durability has me laughing. Now will I ever like Carbon as much as Titanium? Derailleurs undergo a ton of force, loads and movement. Well, I have both – the current iteration of 105 on my Cannondale winter bike and Ultegra on my summer carbon Vitus jobby. Do you ride with Ultegra? And like you mentioned you can buy better wheels or frame. Thank you. => À lire aussi: Comment choisir son groupe de transmission. Pay a couple of hundred quid more and you’d be into Ultegra territory. Considerations on weight but most importantly feel are largely based upon the internal mechanism. it would cost shimano more to have different production lines than to just put the same parts in several levers it would cost more to make the cheaper levers cheaper. The chain ring bulges slightly acting as a ramp for Ultegra’s asymmetrical chain to climb up onto the big ring. Brake pad quality is another significant factor in the performance of Ultegra brakes over 105. Since the model years overlap, Shimano maintains the difference in overlapping years in the form of weight (use slightly different metals/parts on the largest pieces to save weight) and finish (higher groupsets will look nicer and follow finishing trends/colors from the pro-peloton) as well as staggering the technology changes. I have an aluminum Specialized and now upgrading to carbon. As things wear you can upgrade to Ultegra if you want, or you can experiment with changes. With brakes, we notice some nice improvements with the Ultegra: a robust redesigned barrel adjuster; a spring tension adjustment absent on a 105 caliper; and a better brake pad compound. Ultegra components are also stiffer, meaning that the bike doesn’t “flex” under the load of hard pedaling, wasting energy. According to Beginner Triathlete, Ultegra group sets weigh roughly 280g, or half a pound less than a 105 gruppo. Fatigue would show as a ‘set’ as a permanent sag, simply not there at all. And then the next generation of Dura-Ace and Ultegra came out (i.e. Thanks for the article, it came at the right time for me as I am looking for a new bike and still ponder between 105 and Ultegra…. Chains and cassettes wear out a lot faster than derailleurs. The origin story of the term Di2 is shrouded in mystery…. like a silly hump for your thumbs to get annoyed by. You pay the same price that you would have done anyway. Then Sora. But I’m deluded and believe that this might make me a better cyclist. Unless your derailleur is bent I wouldn’t change it. But the extra ‘spacing; between cogs would have been nice. I surmise that, compared to my 2004 Litespeed Titanium, which has about 22,000 miles and thus has lost some of its comfort to metal fatigue, I will probably not notice much difference between my 13 to 14 year old Ultegra set and the current 105 set in any of the above areas (definitely not in weight, since my Ti has a triple X 9 gear setup). To take a left-field view on all this; people are talking of buying a different sized bike, to get Ultegra, but the most important this is how the bike fits you. You won’t generally see Ultegra specified on aluminium frames. You want to take care when buying individual components (e.g. I write entertaining articles about road cycling: gear reviews, training advice. Today I found a 2017 Trek Silque 5 (I am female) for $2000 but love the color and the frame seems more comfortable. The up shifts are stiff and quick. Sorry, I missed the part about already having gone through 2 chains when I posted my first reply. So I was faced with buying 10 speed stuff that was fast becoming obsolete and impossible to service or a new bike. Maybe, for once, the trickledown effect of high spec features gradually moving down the price spectrum won’t apply in the case of 105 electrification. Groupe Shimano Ultegra. I didn’t love it, but did like the price and the components. So now is the time to consider whether upgrading from Shimano 105, a perfectly functional bike groupset, to Shimano Ultegra, a perfectly functional bike groupset, will take you from dog-dog to Froome-dog. Ultegra components are lighter than 105 components, making climbing easier. Anyway, to aid comprehension, here’s a little table I knocked up to show the range numbers of the current and prior generations of top end Shimano groupsets: The dates show the ‘model year’ for when each new generation was launched. (okay, I couldn’t be bothered to Google what it stands for). I’m also from Yorkshire and therefore have deep pockets and short arms. Differences in derailleurs are largely accounted for by springs and pivots. (Harry Enfield I’m considerably richer than you). $565.09 - $2,658.06. Other features (frame, wheelset) can move the price point of the whole range, independent of groupset. Have you ever dropped the bike and possibly bent the derailleur or hanger? That expression doesn’t come from literal year, but from model year. Is any of the upgrades worth? Shimano va avoir un problème avec de 105 di2. Crankset / chainset – the bit the pedals attach to – chain rings, cranks – that sort of thing; Derailleurs – the bits that move the chain between the different chainrings (at the front) and the various cogs of the cassette (at the back); Shifters – attached to the handlebars – the bit you manipulate with your hands; Cassette – the bit in the middle of your back wheel – lots of teeth; The Giant Defy Advanced 2020 model costs £1,949 ($2,514) with Shimano 105 and £2,199 ($2,837) with Ultegra (£250 difference for the hard of mathing); Canyon’s Endurace CF SL Disc 7.0 with Shimano 105 is £2,099 ($2,708) and the Ultegra-equipped Endurace CF SL Disc 8.0 is £2,699 ($3,482). Components have generally improved, but not across the board equally. But it will be interesting to compare the two. Le budget n'étant semble t'il pas une question pour toi alors oui fais toi plaisir avec un Ultégra . My blog contains Affiliate Links. The lever throw seems a little shorter, and it is harder to miss a shift, especially going up the cassette. ... un Shimano 105 vieux de 8 ans, qui comporte 7 vitesses). Troisième dans la gamme du géant nippon, le Shimano 105 est un groupe fiable qui se place, à chaque nouvelle mouture, comme un produit de plus en plus attractif, et ce pour moins de 700 euros (en version classique à patins). And yes, Dura-Ace Di2 is R9150 (it doesn’t take an Enigma machine to work out the pattern – although the fact that the prior generation used ’70’ to denote Di2 means perhaps you do need some codebreaking nouse). All the more so if the new component’s improved performance is held back by an otherwise, ahem, moderately maintained drivetrain. Présenté en avril 2018, le groupe Shimano 105 R7000 est le frère cadet du groupe étendard Dura-Ace 9100 / R9150 Di2 (dévoilé au printemps 2016) et du groupe “best-seller” du manufacturier japonais, l’Ultegra R8000 / R8050 Di2 (dévoilé au printemps 2017). The chainring’s shape blends nicely into the body of the Ultegra crankarm. Chez SRAM, cela correspond au Rival) Tiagra (l’équivalent de l’Apex chez SRAM) Spend the money you save by upgrading the wheelset. Clearly if you want electronic shifting, then Ultegra is, for now, your only option. The 105 has a bit more ‘heft’. Shimano’s new 105 (5700) and new Ultegra (6700) are both great groups for road and triathlon use. Do you think it would be worth it? They’re available from ‘the internet’ in some cases for less than half the recommended price. And the wheel doesn’t work with 11s. Want to know whether you should upgrade from 105 to Ultegra but can’t be bothered with all these pesky words? This post might contain affiliate links for which we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase. In summary, both of them weigh about 2.5kg. Thank you! Sit back, relax, neck an energy gel and get ready to talk groupsets. I stopped short of replacing the rear derailleur or the shifters. These are just some points to consider. I went with carbon wheels, carbon frame, 105 gearset. Go to your bike shop and have them check the chain and the derailleur alignment. I can tell the components aren’t as “shiny” but almost felt more at home with the 105. There does not seem to be a great deal of difference between the two. I live and ride in the Sierra foothills and San Francisco Bay area, so I can use all the help gearing will give me. Shimano brought out a new version of its 105 groupset in 2018, but how does it compare to the top of the range Dura-Ace? If your bike shop doesn’t find anything wrong, try having them shorten the chain by one pair of links. That said, i will report back when I get some conclusive impressions. Showing the actual prices just complicates things further.). That means a down-sizing of the whole hood, making it … ultegra-change a couple of materials to save a haircut in weight, tiagra-put 10 teeth on the ratchet wheel instead of 11. i’m considering a Cannondale Slate. I agree, when you are ready, or when your bike is ready, make the leap to ultegra. As things wear, replace them with a higher grade chain and cassette. the current ones), again with Di2 options. There may be compatibility issues with the levers but I’ve not tried it myself. I’m sure a scouring of the internet would allow you to add up the weight of each individual component. For the time being, only Ultegra and it’s pro-sibling Dura-Ace have electronic rather than mechanical gear shifts. Moving up to the controls, the new Shimano 105 R7000 hoods and levers get the same ergonomic do-over that Ultegra R8000 received. Brands group these parts into various different levels. The 105 5800 groupset I bought complete with wheels and tyres for £230 was a real bargain and I found that overall it performed better than my ultegra 6700 groupset except that the brakes are not as well finished. (For completeness, Tiagra is next, followed by Sora and Claris. OK, it was aluminum, but I don’t ride that hard to cause frame issues : ) After 10 or so years I upgraded from low end 105 to Ultegra and things were excellent. That was many words, but I missed the part of describing how 105 performs differently from Ultegra apart from the weight. If you ride significant miles you eventually start replacing components as maintenance items. I think the best non-wear upgrade is wheels. My local REI (US cooperative outdoor equipment chain of stores) priced the one I ordered at $1799, a ridiculously low price, and an expert there said I’d be surprised at how good the model 105 group-set is nowadays, and that I’d probably not be disappointed. That said, if I ever feel that getting electronic gear shifting is an absolute must – perhaps you count yourself in this category –  then clearly Ultegra is the only choice (assuming I/you don’t have Dura-oodles of cash for the top of the range alternative). You finally succumb to the rule of n+1 and you start looking for your first ‘proper’ road bike. I’ve done this myself, with my 10-speed 105 5700 groupset. These are links to online stores such as Amazon, Wiggle and Chain Reaction. Regarding 10s vs 11s you likely won’t notice a difference. My real question is this – are the 2015 Ultegra parts close to the 2017 105 parts? I assume the bike from the LBS is new and the online one used. I also have a cross bike with 105 5800, so I can give an honest comparison. Having ridden both 105 and Ultegra (currently riding Ultegra) I can say, that from my experience that Ultegra: – gears runs more smoothly when changing gears (especially on hills) compared to 105 – feels stiffer than 105 – brakes better than 105. For me I bought 105 sets because of the price point.. I’m no Froome-dog and I’ve only returned to cycling reasonably seriously in the last 3 years but my experience is that there’s little between them (unless, of course you want the electronic do-dah). Yo! Speaking to a few data points in the ‘endurance bike’ category (all of which are carbon frames): (For the USD prices, I just converted the UK prices at $1.29:£1 to give an indication.